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Zero Hour
Human heart can only take so much SHOCK in their lives. It's like lightning, striking a human twice, or even worse.

This week has been full of shock-ness monsters. BUT, the most unexpected of them all had me distressed until now. I still can't think of the reason behind it. I can only empathize with the wounded. How I wish that I have two more shoulders so that I can comfort more people. How I wish that I have the right words to say.

The wounds will be healed through time, but I doubt if these will be forgotten. It will surely leave a deep scar to the hearts of the aggrieved.

ON THE NEWS: An explosion rocked Glorietta 2 & Park Square in Makati, last October 19, leaving eleven people dead and more than a hundred injured. Up until press time, search and rescue operations have been launched as some people may still be buried under the rubble where the explosion occurred.

THEN, last October 21, just 2 days after the bombing, a fire broke out in a restaurant in Glorietta 4. The report said glass windows of the Seafood Seafood Market restaurant at the mall's second floor were broken down, and firemen were on standby. The blaze from the restaurant's kitchen was due to faulty electrical wiring. It was said that it has nothing to do with the previous bombing. -_-"

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Louie Marcelo [ 7:44 AM ]

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Painting Kahel

OCTOBER 3 - OCTOBER 9: Shanghai Week-off
New sights, experiences and, err, realizations(??). Oh! A tired feet, as well. The excitement is worth the excitement. I had a blast in there; especially knowing that RMB 1,500 can take you to many places and shopping spree. Hahaha! Anyways, I'll be posting pictures and some travel notes on my Multiply site, soon (i hope).

OCTOBER 13: Basic Mandarin for Professionals Graduation
Congratulations to myself! For surviving the 10-day Basic Mandarin classes. I enrolled to the Intermediate Mandarin. The nose bleed is worth it. I have used my very limited Mandarin on our trip to Shanghai; mostly for haggling. Hahaha!

OCTOBER 15: Emo Day
Thanks to Hwang Jin-yi, I cried. Oh yes! You've read it right. I really cried! Yay! I'm human and my tear ducts aren't clogged up! Woot! Spoilers for those who are watching it, but a sharing for those otherwise. I was really affected and moved with the story of Jin-yi and Eun-ho, her first love. Their love was pure, yet it is not enough to withstand the harshness of reality. They cannot be together because they're from different social classes. How sad, eh?! To make the long story short, Eun-ho (the guy) died. This left a very deep scar to Jin-yi's heart - just like a cracked jade. I hate tragic endings; most especially when the reason is due to human cruelty.

Reflecting on this, I feel that there is a much deeper reason for my emo-ness. Oh well, there's no good reason on dwelling to this anxiety. I have other stuff on my plate right now.

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Louie Marcelo [ 7:36 AM ]

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Patience is a Virtue
I've heard that, to be patient is human, but to be tolerable and non-homicidal is divine. I'm being patient and tolerable; HOWEVER, I'm struggling to be non-homicidal. Bwahahaha!

So many things happened since my last post that I can personally say that change is really constant. I've been moved from one seat and ROOM (oh yes! room) to another for like multiple times in a week. I've been moved to another team, which made me paranoid at first (actually, until now at times). I've been moved from trust to doubt. I've been moved from daydreaming to reality.

Change is good, if it makes you a better person. In my case, its effect is status quo. I'm happy with my career movement, but disappointed with my personal movement. Which is better? I really don't know. One thing is for sure, someone will burn in hell... ALIVE! You don't have to pay attention to whatever I just said. Hahaha!

ON THE NEWS: Erap Estrada has been found guilty, without reasonable doubt, for his plunder case, but has been acquitted for perjury. He will serve life sentence. I wonder what would be the next juicy buzz in our ever-crazy politics. I have something in mind though...


Louie Marcelo [ 11:43 PM ]

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Had a very looong phone convo with my office BFF Kookie last night. Did I mention that we had a very long conversation? There.

It was truly relieving to verbally let out EVERYTHING that had happened to me yesterday and for the past 22 months. Every rants, thoughts and feelings buried in my veins, arteries and whatever nerves present in my body. Even if you don't read this blog Kookie, I'd really like to THANK YOU for listening and encouraging me. It's a nice feeling pala to just talk and let someone listen to you. Kahit for once in my life lang. Thank you so much, your an angel talaga.

Looks like my plan of leaving will be put on hold for a while. I'll try to talk to Karen and ask her if I can lead a major project - revamp & relaunch of our website and BRAND. So, it's back to the drawing board. Kookie made a very good point on something eh, hopefully things will be on my side and the world will be full of love that is to infinity and beyoooond. Time Space Warp, ngayon din! Uaaah! Hahahahaha! Ho-hum.

Speaking of love, hmm, aah, err, hahaha, ehem. Okay, FINE. Is it wrong to miss someone?!? Hindi naman di ba? Hahaha! Ayun lang. I rest my case.

1) Pinoy family needs monthly income of at least Php8,254, which is a 5% increase from 2005, to survive. This is based from the food and poverty threshold conducted last year (2006) by NSCB. This is for a 5-member family household in NCR and 60% of it goes to food alone.

2) Milk pricehike of P2/can. Trade of raw milk in the international market has increased from $2,075 (as of July 2006) to $4,500-$5,000 (July 2007), which is being attributed to the drought that weakened the cattle industry in NZ and AU.

DID YOU KNOW: That giraffes cannot cough or sneeze. AND, grapes explode when you put them on the microwave. Don't believe me? Try it. Tick. Tick. Tick. BOOM!

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Louie Marcelo [ 7:07 AM ]

Blogger Life said...

I would imagine that even if a giraffe could cough, it'd be a long, tough process since it would have to travel so far up from his lungs through his throat and out.

It's like lightning vs thunder, wherein he'd feel the cough from his lungs and it's not until seconds later that it would actually come out of his mouth.

Not being able to sneeze is sad. It's right up there with jebbing as one of the most relieving experiences one can have. I pity the fool.

But I think I'm thinking about this too much :\

5:21 PM  

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"Wag mong ipakita sa ibang tao na malungkot ka kung wala kang balak magshare ng problema, para kang nag alok ng hopia na hindi mo naman ibibigay." - Doraemon

credits to kax, ang batang NR.


Louie Marcelo [ 5:27 PM ]

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Lost and Found
LOST ITEM #1: A sum of money enclosed in a Citibank envelope (June 25)
STORY: I've thoroughly searched all my bags, books, notebooks, papers, files in my room and desk for that hard-earned lost money. AND I NEVER FOUND IT! So, I googled who is the patron saint when you lost something and results showed St. Anthony. I fervently and sincerely prayed my intentions to him, but I'm starting to accept that it's my irresponsibility and clumsiness (and memory gap) why I've lost my money. *LOUD SIGH*

LOST ITEM #2: White Nike Presto Women's watch
STORY: Having a MAJOR head-pounding-headache, oh, did I mention that I've lost a sum of money. Anyhoots, as I was about to sleep off my migraine, I noticed that I'm not wearing my watch. In the state of paranoia, I SMS'd my officemate and asked her to check if it's on my desk. TOOT-TOOT says my phone! (Talking to myself, I so knew that I left it) BUT, WAIT! WTF! It's not there! I'm like, eh where the fuck did it go?!? Poor me, no money and no watch.

I called my officemate and asked her to check every nook and crannies in my desk and cabinet. My watch is nowhere to be found. So, she went to our security center and looked if someone went to my desk or if I did something weird with my watch. Okay, it's not funny that my desk is right in front of the security camera. (Meaning, they can like watch everything I do like what they do in PBB.) Tss.

They saw my watch, and it seems that I put it daw on my bag. I pulled everything out of my bag, and there is no WATCH! Now, I am REALLY frustrated and disappointed with my clumsiness.

As I was lying in my bed, lamenting over my lost possessions, I saw this HSBC envelope. It wasn't there yesterday when I was searching my bag. I opened it, browsed through the papers inside it and found another envelope. And to my surprise, there's CASH inside it! I was shocked and shaking! That's what I've been looking for yesterday! How did it get there? Is it a miracle? Or, I just missed it? Really, unbelievable!

FOUND: A sum of money enclosed in a Citibank envelope

Remember my lost watch? I also found it! Guess where?!? ON TOP OF MY DESK! Again, unbelievable, mind-boggling, that it gives me goosebumps and shivers.

FOUND: White Nike Presto Women's watch

St. Anthony, is it you who found them? THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Amazing power of prayers. :)


Louie Marcelo [ 8:33 AM ]

Blogger shopgirl said...

dapat ata sini-st. anthony ko yung nawala ko na important na bagay. :(

5:34 PM  

Blogger serendipity said...

wow. the power of prayers talaga.

11:08 AM  

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